Winter in Mohican


Yes, it is winter. It is supposed to be cold. That is even more reason to get out and enjoy all life has to offer. A lot of studies have shown that in order to help fight off those winter blues is to be active. Be involved. In other words, get outside and have some fun.  Get the coat on, grab friends and family and head out to the world. It is exciting and it is warm. Actually, it is on fire! Yes, there is fun to be had in winter, and not just sled riding.

winterfest_5lgOne way to get out and start the year is to visit Mohican. It may be the “off season,” but that does not mean Mohican is off. Make plans now to stay and play in Mohican. It is just beginning.

January 8th – 10th, 2016, Mohican is kicking off the year with Mohican Winterfest with new and exciting attractions. Participating Independent stores and restaurants will feature extended hours to help everyone appreciate all that the area has to offer. Enjoy ice sculpting, with demonstrations, by Aaron Costic of Elegant Ice Creations. His award winning displays will bring the imagination to life. Audience participation is encouraged during live demonstrations. Children can enjoy seeing their names written in ice.

winterfest_4lgKeep that smartphone at the ready and use #MWF. There will be a social media scavenger hunt taking place on Saturday. The winner will receive one free overnight stay at the luxurious Landoll’s Mohican Castle. More details to follow on Discover Mohican’s Facebook and Twitter.

winterfest_3lgNew attractions include “Fire & Ice.” That is right. Fire Poi, featuring Mohican artists, will be performing with fire in front of the ice sculptures. Stand in awe as fire is whirled in front of the eyes and senses. Get warm and enjoy the fun with fire and ice.

Also new this year is a vintage snowmobile show. Look around and enjoy how far snowmobiles have come. Another hint about the show is that the Mohican-Memorial State Forest have snowmobile trails. Enjoy the rush, with two inches or more of snow, on the trails of Mohican. Whether hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or on a snowmobile-the trails never close. That’s right. The trails of Mohican are open 365 days of the year.

Enjoy a FREE family-friendly movie and magic shows at The Ohio Theatre. Now equipped with digital projection and sound. Take a look and go back in time gazing at vintage toy-train expo. Get up close and personal and look at the collections people have kept in their basement. The Model Train Expo is a little kid’s dream.

Mohican is proud to be the home of a future Junior Olympian. That is correct, Kylie Snively, will showcase her talents, along with her teammate, at the ice rink; located at the Loudonville Public Pool. Watch as they dance on ice. Free and open to the public. Kylie and her teammate have agreed to hang around after their performances to skate with whoever wants to join them on the ice.

The first hike of the year will happen on Sunday. The first Winter Hike is hosted by the Mohican State Park and the Mohican Trails Club. Free and open to the public, get out and learn how winter and nature work hand-in-hand. This hike will give a view of the trails rarely seen.

Discover the fun for adults during a wine tasting with local wineries followed by a Snowball Dance. End the day with fun, wine, food and dancing. Winter does not mean to stay inside, it is all the more reason to get out and have some fun. Enjoy the season, enjoy life, and enjoy Mohican!

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