Farnam Manor Lantern Tours and Trail to the Unknown

Farnamx640_32013 Halloween Experience
Mingle with the Spirits!
Farnam Manor Lantern Tours and Trail to the Unknown
4223 Brecksville Road Richfield, OH 44286

shadowIn ancient times, Halloween was a time to honor the Spirits. It was believed the spirits rise to the earth and mingle among the humans this time of year.

Hear the legends and lore and mingle with the Spirits of Farnam Manor! Historical interpreters will portray people from the Manor’s past as you tour the mysterious halls by lantern light. The Trail to the Unknown winds through the land that was once the gardens of the Farnam Estate. Experience the wooded moonlit trail and the crisp autumn air! The creatures come out at night! You never know what will happen!
Nothing evil. No fake blood and gore.

MrsThe land has long been significant. John Farnam served in the Revolutionary War as a special agent to George Washington. In 1812 he acquired prime land in the Western Reserve for his service and brought his family here from Connecticut. Farnam Manor was built in 1834 by his son, Everett. He grew the estate to 3200 acres. Everett Farnam said before he died that he would come back as a raven so he could soar over his property. According to legend, the spirit of his little daughter, Emily, still remains since she drowned in 1858 at age 7. During the roaring ’20’s the Manor was known as a speakeasy. When the ladies got pregnant they came here to see the doctors. It is told that on a full moon you can hear the cry of babies. On the new moon you can hear the murmurs of the mothers .From 1948-1972, it was the Danish Smorgasbord Restaurant. Strange happenings have been reported by patrons and employees.

Lantern Tour tickets are $15. The Trail to the Unknown is $10. Experience both for $20. Proceeds benefit the preservation and interpretation of the Farnam Estate.
Visit farnamfoundation.org  for more information.

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