Cleveland Metroparks And Southwest General Health Center Team Up To Make Web-Based


Stay on track in Cleveland Metroparks with the brand new “Trails App!”

The new “Trails App,” a web-based application funded by Southwest General and developed by GreenInfo Network, provides Cleveland Metroparks users an easy way to find picnic areas and trailheads, discover new healthy outdoor opportunities and find their way in the woods. The design is straightforward and intuitive, providing complete information about trails, hiking, biking and horse riding. Park users can even search for these opportunities based on trail length.

“Southwest General and Cleveland Metroparks have a strong history of improving community health. We want to help people get healthy, and stay healthy through outdoor activities. The opportunity to work with Cleveland Metroparks on this app supports Southwest’s Trail App over shouldercommitment to providing education to aid healthy lifestyles in Northeast Ohio,” said Albert E. Matyas, Vice President Southwest General Ambulatory Operations & Business Development.

The application has a consistent look and feel across all access points, allowing end-users to have an enjoyable experience whether they are using a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smart phone.

“We wanted to create an application that could be easily used across all mediums, to help people feel more comfortable in the parks and help them find what they are looking for faster,” said Steve Mather, Cleveland Metroparks Geographic Information Systems Manager.

When used on a smart phone, the “Trails App” can use GPS information to show where you are on the map and track your progress. But, unlike most smart phone map applications, Cleveland Metroparks “Trails App” shows a richly detailed map, allowing you to understand exactly where you are.

You can also use a “Near You” function on your smart phone, which allows you to enable alerts for nearby geological features, wildlife viewing opportunities, Southwest General health tips and other points of interest.

Access the web-based “Trails App” anytime by visiting on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Enjoy a next level park experience with the new “Trails App” from Cleveland Metroparks – Discover, Enjoy, Protect!

Submitted by:
Holly Keck,
Marketing Representative
Cleveland Metroparks
216-635-3253 or



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