Exactly who is NorthernOhioTourism.com? (Twitter Ohio_Tourism)


I am glad you are enjoying our list of “50 Things to Do in Northern Ohio this Summer“.  And thanks for all your emails about NorthernOhioTourism.com.  Here is a little background about us.

We are not funded by the State of Ohio Tourism Department or any other Ohio entity.  I created this site over 14 years ago as a way to share my love for Ohio and my travel ideas with my family and friends. Then one person told another person, and another person told another person and now with over 5 million+ viewing our site just last year, our little website has become one of the go to sites for things to do in Northern Ohio.

Some of our most popular website pages include the Lake Erie Islands, Amish Country, Farmers Markets, Ghostly Ohio, Events, Festivals, Ohio Wineries, Hiking, Canoeing, Fishing, Birding, Scenic By-ways and our Fall pages. (All our pages can be found here.)


NorthernOhioTourism.com’s office staff consists of one worker (me) and one supervisor, our English Black Lab “Hunter.”  Guess who enters all of the information into the website? Not the supervisor.hunter

On any given day I  receive over 30+ emails and phone calls with questions about things to do in Northern Ohio as well as a few really odd questions. I enjoy answering all of your questions and love the website suggestions.  Keep them coming!! (Contact Us)

How do we survive and pay our bills?  I am a freelancer by day.  I do social media postings, website updates, SEO, put out office fires, quell uprisings, tame tigers, volunteer and make coffee, lots of coffee.  In my spare time throughout the day I do what I love to do, update NorthernOhioTourism.com with new material.

Over the last few years we have started to sell advertising spots on our website to cover the basic hosting and misc. expenses for such a large site. We have also started to receive donations from some of our followers through our PayPal donation button.   To all our sponsors we thank you!!!  One day, after all our website expenses,  we may make enough to buy Starbucks coffee and give Hunter a raise.

Our future goals: 
1.  Add 30 more pages to our website of things to do in Ohio and add more ideas to the existing ones.
2.  Work on OhioFoodTrips.com and make it another great site.
3.  Find more time to blog about places in Ohio.
4.  Purchase an SUV and decorate it with the words NorthernOhioTourism.com (Rockin’ Ohio One Adventure at a Time!) . Then travel around Ohio promoting all the great things to do in Ohio.
5.  Launch SouthernOhioTourism.com
6.  Win the Mega Millions this weekend so we can hire more staff.
7.  Find someone to donate enough money to pay for staff.
8.  If #6 or #7  don’t happen train Hunter to type on a computer.
9. Double the number of website followers. (This is where you help out by sharing our website with a friend.)

To all of our wonderful website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and blog followers, THANK YOU!!!  Your wonderful emails and social media “High Fives” are a continual inspiration to keep posting fun things to do in Ohio, the State that I love!

(Since this post was written our dear “supervisor” passed away, July, 2013.  He will be missed. Click here to learn more.)

Rockin’ Ohio One Adventure at a Time!


About NorthernOhioTourism.com

We are Ohio's website for events, attractions, accommodations, restaurants, camping, local businesses, farmers' markets, antique and craft fairs, Ohio festivals, ghostly things and so much more
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2 Responses to Exactly who is NorthernOhioTourism.com? (Twitter Ohio_Tourism)

  1. Renee says:

    Thank you for explaining this Diane. Congratulations to your and Hunter on the success of your site! I will definitely support you!

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