Everett Farnam built this beautiful manor house for his bride in 1834. The Farnam’s invited the community to many festive events held on the 3200 acre estate.

During the roaring ’20’s, Ella Mayor operated an exclusive club for aristocrats. Patrons enjoyed fine wine, women and song.

From 1948-1972, the manor was home of the Danish Smorgasbord Restaurant owned by Theo and Anna Marie Kirk. People came from miles around for good food and laughter.

After the restaurant closed, it became a popular party spot for the Richfield Colluseum concert goers.

Many resident spirits linger at Farnam Manor. Some spirits come and go. Little Emily Farnam drowned in the cystern here in 1858. It has been legend for over 100 years that Emily’s spirit remains. Many have encountered Emily’s playful spirit. Everett Farnam died in the upstairs bedroom in 1884. Mr. Kirk’s cigar smoke can be smelled occasionally. Objects ove,evp’s,K-2’s and EMF pumps go crazy. Many have reported hearing voices,giggling,footsteps or their favorite song playing. The Farnam experience is like no other. This is not an evil, ugly place, but rather a beautiful timeless backdrop filled with positive energy. The spirits love company, and you never know who you may encounter!

Friday Saturday or Sunday private overnight investigations
$500 for up to 10 people. $50 each additional person
Includes refreshments, guided history tour & introduction to the spirits (approx 1 hour)

Week night private investigations (Monday-Thursday) 8pm-5am
$400 for up to 10 people, $40 each additional person.
Includes refreshments, guided history tour & introduction to the spirits ( approx. 1 hr)

Get A Little Shut Eye Camping Package:
Experience the spirits of the Farnam Estate 8pm-1:30pm the following day ! Bring your tent and camp on the grounds of the Farnam Estate! Don’t have a tent? Rent one of ours! (additional fee) We provide evening refreshments
with coffee, and water. Pastries and beverages in the morning.$600 for up to 10 people- $60 each additional person.

Farnam Weekend Experience Best Value!
Friday night 8pm through Sunday 2pm
Once you’re here, you won’t want to leave! Sit by the bonfire, camp out 2 nights,and enjoy 42 hours to investigate! This package includes Friday night refreshments,coffee and water. We supply Saturday
night dinner feast, Saturday and Sunday morning coffee and pastries.
$1000 for up to 10 people and $100 each additional person.

Where else can you go to investigate where you get food, music and laughter, along with possible paranormal activity? It’s all part of the Farnam hospitality!

Schedule your private night at Farnam Manor

By email …. or by calling 330-990-8377
All proceeds benefit the preservation of the historic Farnam Estate.

Farnam Manor
4223 Brecksville Rd., Richfield, Oh 44286



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