Ohio Paczki Day is February 12, 2013

Paczki, pronounced PUNCH-key, are a Polish jelly-filled doughnut, traditionally served before the Lenten season begins.

Paczki are circular deep-fried dougnuts filled with various fillings such as apricot, lemon, custard, vanilla cream, blueberry, peach, cherry and more.

Here are a few of our favorite places to get your Paczki.

Rudy’s Bakery
5580 Ridge Road
Parma, Ohio

Stan’s Northfield Bakery
9395 Olde 8 Rd.
Northfield, OH

Colozza’s Bakery
5880 Ridge Road
Parma, OH 44129

Kiedrowski’s Simply Delicious Bakery
2267 Cooper Foster Park Rd.
Amherst, OH 44001

P.O.C.’s Pierogi Market
4131 W. Streetsboro Rd,
Richfield OH 44286

Even if you are not Polish, it is always a wonderful experience to enjoy one of Northern Ohio’s ethnic foods while learning about their traditions. We do recommend you purchase your’s early as the Paczki’s move fast on Fat Tuesday.


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