Discover The History of The Flying Scavengers With The Cleveland Metroparks Hinkley Reservation “Hear Here!” Audio Tour

Cleveland Metroparks is yours to explore when you take part in “Hear Here!” – an Audio Tour of Cleveland Metroparks, which runs through December 31.              

Visitors of all ages can enjoy a half-day adventure on a self-led tour celebrating five different sites in Hinkley Reservation in Hinckley Township. Spend a morning or afternoon alone or with a group of people, hop in the car, and get ready to tune your radio to 1620 AM at each “Hear Here!” site for interesting facts about the area you are visiting.               

The Hear Here! tour is perfect for all ages and allows park patrons the flexibility of experiencing the tour all in one day or by making different stops on different days.               

At one of the stops, visitors can learn about the history and origin of the Buzzard Day. What originally began as an astute observation by a park ranger, Buzzard Day, or Buzzard Sunday as it is now called, became a holiday that attracts thousands of pairs of eyes. No one knows for certain why turkey vultures (buzzards) return to Hinckley Reservation every March 15. Could it be because of an attempt by a group of farmers to rid the area of harmful wild animals or is it the inviting environment that is perfect for roosting buzzards? 

Learn more about the Buzzard Roost and turkey vultures, as well as the four other sites on this audio tour. To experience the wonders of the five sites even more, visitors are encouraged to get out and explore by hiking, picnicking or just relaxing at the site. 

The broadcast may be in progress. But the message repeats itself and can be listened to more than once to ensure all the fascinating details about the site and its surroundings are covered. 

For maps or directions to help locate “Hear Here!” sites, visit or call 216-635-3200.

Above information courtesy of Cleveland Metroparks.



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