Inaugural Medina Story Festival September 22, 2012

We all love a good story.  From listening to Grandpa talk about “the good old days” to that friend with great comedic timing, storytelling is engrained in the human condition.  We only remember a fraction of what we read, but when someone shares a good story it becomes a gift we feel compelled to pass along.

“Storytelling touches our lives, but we rarely stop to think about it.  Social media is dominated by stories.  We wanted to bring storytelling back to its roots and create the face-to-face craft of storytelling in Medina.  We want people to realize their lives are story-worthy”, says organizer and Medina County District Library Assistant Director, Theresa Laffey.

Hence, the Inaugural “Medina Story Festival” was born.   The festival will feature professional storytellers, storytelling workshops, and story-based performances and puppetry, all in the beautiful Medina Library.  

Nine professional storytellers will present the many facets of storytelling. From genealogy research through family stories to a story “swap”, much like a poetry-slam, and good old-fashioned folk and fairy tales for all ages.  Young children will also enjoy a puppet show, interactive performances and entertaining shows. 

The Medina Library is located at 210 S. Broadway St., on Medina’s Historic Square.  The festival will be Saturday, September 22 from 10am – 4pm.

Christine Gramm, manager of the Medina Library says, “We want to keep the art of storytelling alive and help families find their voices.  There’s just something wonderful about an engaging story told by someone with a knack for storytelling.  You remember it, you want to share it, stories become a part of the human experience.”

The Medina Story Festival is a collaborative effort between the Medina County District Library and the Medina County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  “Next year we want to expand out of the library and onto Medina’s Square.  We hope to create quite a following for future Story Festivals”, Dan Hostetler from the Medina County Visitor’s Bureau says.

Funding for the Story Festival is provided through grants from The Friends of Medina County District Library, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeast Ohio, and the Medina County Arts Council.

For more information visit or by Medina County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau)

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