Lake Metroparks scoops up Ice Cream Weekend at Farmpark

photo courtesy of Lake Metroparks

July 14 & 15; 9 am – 5 pm 

Nearly everyone in the United States loves ice cream. We love it so much that since 1984, July has been recognized as National Ice Cream Month. We are the number one consumer of ice cream in the world!  So, why not celebrate and have fun with our favorite dessert? At Farmpark’s Ice Cream Weekend, Pierre’s Ice Cream and Discount Drug Mart invite you to do just that—have fun with ice cream! You can make ice cream, attend an ice cream social, and build your own ice cream sundae. 

Be part of the process!  Milk a cow, and learn how to separate the cream from the milk.  If it’s dry and sunny, we’ll even show you how to make the hay that feeds the cow that makes the milk that gives the cream that we freeze into delicious ice cream!  Did you know it takes 12 pounds of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream?    

Back by popular demand is The Frozen Factory of Fun.  The kids will love the interactive activities to help them learn about the process used to create ice cream. You can also help us make homemade ice cream; the old fashioned way with a hand cranked machine!  The Frozen Factory of Fun will be open July 14 through Labor Day, and is included in the regular Farmpark admission. 

Here’s the scoop on the social…

Enjoy an ice cream social featuring the debut Pierre’s brand new Signature Ultimate Ice Cream and toppings compliments of SmuckersSundaes are $1 to support Farmpark education programs.

 Other activities include:

•        Make ice cream

•        Test your skill at milking a cow

•        Discover the history of ice cream

•        Find natural ice cream flavors in the garden and greenhouse

•        Kids crafts

•        Farmpark’s daily activities

•        Pony Rides ($4)

•        Farm gifts at the Gift Shop and food and snacks at the J & J Cafe 

Sound like fun?  Then gather your family and friends on July 14 and 15 and head to Lake Metroparks Farmpark’s Ice Cream Weekend for some old fashioned fun at a weekend-long ice cream social where you can enjoy learning about and tasting the planet’s most tasty treat—ice cream!  Hours are 9 am to 5 pm both days.


Admission to Ice Cream Weekend is $6 for ages 12 to 59; $5 for ages 60 and over; $4 for ages 2 to 11; children younger than 2 are free.  Farmpark members receive free admission.  For more information about Ice Cream Weekend, visit or call 440-256-2122 or 800-366-FARM (3276).  


Lake Metroparks Farmpark is located at 8800 Euclid Chardon Rd in Kirtland. 

Take I-90 to the Rt. 306 exit.  Head south on Route 306 five miles to Euclid Chardon Road (Route 6); turn left on Route 6, and head east one mile.  Entrance to Farmpark is on the right. 

Presented by Pierre’s Ice Cream Company and Discount Drug Mart

Other sprinkles of information

•        On July 9, 1984, by an act of Congress, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July to be National Ice Cream Month. Not only did President Reagan love ice cream, millions of Americans do too! According to NASDAQ president Connie Tipton, ice cream “generates more than $21 billion in annual sales and provides jobs for thousands of people.” 

•        Two hundred years ago, when Dolly Madison first served ice cream at the White House inaugural ball in 1812, it was a rare and exotic dessert. Today, more than 90% of American households purchase ice cream, with each person eating an average of 21 quarts a year. It was a sensation then, and its popularity has grown steadily ever since. 

•        The origins of ice cream are not clear. Although the Romans relished flavored ices, the Chinese are credited with being the first to create a frozen treat that was more like sorbet. They actually discovered the process of adding salt to ice water to lower its temperature enough to freeze liquids. The idea of a frozen treat traveled to the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and Western traders brought it to Europe. There, cream was substituted for ice to create the ice cream we have grown to love. 

•        Ice cream used to be an expensive treat reserved for society’s elite because the ice to freeze ice cream was carved from frozen rivers and ponds and held in ice houses. The process of freezing ice cream was very labor intensive. Nineteenth century technology fostered the invention of the hand-cranked ice cream maker by Nancy Johnson. The invention of refrigeration by Carl von Linde paved the way for reasonably priced ice cream for everyone to enjoy.

Submitted by:
John Venen
Promotions and Advertising Manager
Lake Metroparks
P: 440-352-2914


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