Middlefield:   Ridgeview Farm in Middlefield is pleased to announce that strawberries season is right around the corner.  Strawberries picking is one of the first signs that summer is near in Northeast Ohio.  After the long winter and wet spring everyone is ready for summer! 

“I am surprised how well the strawberries plants look after all the rain. I planted the strawberries behind the big barn, right on the hillside. This helped drain the excess rain water off the plants.  We expect to pick the first strawberry around June 10.  The prime week for picking will be June 15th through June 27th.”  Said Grover  

“The forecast for June is warmer temperatures and not too much rain.  This forecast will work in our favor. The heat will help dry the strawberry fields out faster.  Sunshine will make strawberries sweeter. Strawberries are very temperamental; they need just the right amount of moister and sunny light to make them tasty and nice sized.” Explains Steve Grover, Farmer

The farm is located in 5488 Kinsman Rd, (State Route 87) Mesopotamia Township, right on top of “Mepso Hill”,  3 ½ miles East of Middlefield.   

Fields will open to the public around June 15.  Customers are encouraged to check the farm’s web site at or call the farm office at 440-693-4000 for field conditions and pre-picked strawberries.

The farm market stand is open Mon – Sat from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 

The farm is located on SR 87 in Mesopotamia, 3.5 miles east of Middlefield or 7.5 West of SR 45 in Bloomfield

Above info submitted by: Steve & Sharon Grover
Owners of Ridgeview Farm, Middlefield, Ohio


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