Ohio Made Shearer’s Potato Chips

Whether I like to admit it or not I am addicted to potato chips.  I think my love for chips started with a large light brown can delivered to our home with the name Charlie Chip written on it.  Just opening “the can” sent the mouth salivating. Digging thru the can for those folded-over chips was half the fun.  And of course if  you grew up in Northern Ohio you will understand when I say Lawson’s chip-n-dip.  Need I say more?

Shearer's Potato Chips

So it was only time before I would find a place right here in Ohio that makes just as good, maybe even better chips than I remember were in that can.  And they have been making these enticing kettle cooked chips since 1979.  Grandma Shearer and the Shearer family sure came up with a wonderful tasting chip everyone could enjoy.  And it didn’t take long for the fan base to grow and grow, me being one of those fans.

Because we live right here in Ohio we have the wonderful opportunity to visit the factory store and stock up on those wonderful chips, as well as a sampling of everything from tortilla chips to cheese puffs.  The factory store also sells the chips in a cost saving bulk format.  I was even told by one of the workers I could freeze them?  I have yet to try that out.

If you want to know how they make those wonderful chips? A 15-minute video tour about the production of Shearer’s various snacks is available for viewing in their theater at the factory.

Having the company store located in Amish country is just an additional added benefit.  Make the day out of it and visit the other wonderful attractions in the heart of our wonderful Amish country.  The store is located just southwest of Massillon in Brewster, Ohio and directions and times can be found on their website which is located at http://www.shearersfoodsinc.com/companystore.aspx.

Can’t make it to Ohio?  Shearer’s offers an online store!.


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