Jump Start Ohio – April 1, 2010

Today is the beginning of NorthernOhioTourism.com’s  Jump Start Ohio initiative.  We are excited to be able to start blogging about Ohio companies that we come across in our travels that offer Made In Ohio products that you can purchase for yourself or give as a gift. What a great way to support our local Ohio businesses.

NorthernOhioTourism.com is committed to giving back to the community from which it takes and this is just one small way we can give back, by help promoting these wonderful Ohio businesses.

Here are our first selections of businesses:

I can not think of a better way to start our Jump Start Ohio Initiative than talking about chocolate.  And for those who grew up in Northern Ohio and have seen the big pink bunny sitting on top of the chocolate factory off of I-480 will know exactly what business I have selected first.  The Malley’s Chocolate Factory.  Malley’s Chocolates have been making and selling their chocolate delights and ice cream since 1935.

Malley's Chocolates

I experienced my first Malley’s chocolate bar about 8 years ago when a neighbor came knocking on my door trying to sell me a chocolate bar. Never one to turn chocolate down, I purchased a sampling of bars. My favorite was this chocolate bar with pieces of pretzels in it. Best $1 per bar I ever spent. Since that day I have been hooked.

My favorites are Dark Chocolate NutMallow, Malley Oh’s and their Butter Creams. But a chocolate pretzel bar is still also on my list. During special seasons they offer chocolate covered strawberries and for all major holidays they offer wonderful seasonal delights.  Malley’s has many locations in Northern Ohio to make your selections personally at or you can order online at www.malleys.com.

The Buckeye Chocolate Factory, Burton Ohio

Another Ohio chocolate factory is
The Buckeye Chocolate Company
, in the charming maple syrup town of Burton located in Geauga County. The Hart family have been producing their wonderful selections of gourmet confections for more than 16 years.

From truffles, to fudge, to roasted nuts and brittle, you can not go wrong purchasing some of The Buckeye Chocolate Companies wonderful goodies. My favorites are the Buckeyes and Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge.

You can stop by their store which is located at 14646 Ravenna Rd, Burton or you can get your fix by ordering online on their website at www.buckeyechocolate.com. What a great gift idea for upcoming Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Now our third Ohio Chocolate Factory we would like to talk about is located in Canton and is another family owned Ohio business that has been pleasing customers since 1923. Heggy’s Old Fashion Candies and Handcrafted Chocolates.

Heggy's Chocolates, Canton Ohio

When I was little my parents would drive for miles to go to a place and buy these wonderful chocolates, each wrapped in their individual clear wrapping. My favorite then and still today are the mints and the vanilla creams. It was always such a family treat to stop by this little shop.

Growing up we sometimes forget where to find those places we visited as small children and so I too had forgotten about those wonderful chocolates, until one day I was taking my son to a ball field in Canton. After an exhausting double header my son and I went searching for a local watering hole to acquire a little nourishment before our trip back up north. Not far from the ball field was this little shop offering nuts, candies and nourishment.

What a surprise it was to find out this was the candy shop my parents used to take us too. Needless to say I loaded up on chocolate, roasted nuts as well as enjoyed a wonderful homemade chocolate shake, hamburger and these to die for french fries that were fried in peanut oil.

So if you are near the Pro Football Hall of Fame or you are just passing through Canton on I-77, please make a point and stop by Heggy’s and pick-up some of those wonderful chocolates and nuts. They are located at 743 Cleveland Ave. N.W., Canton. If you would like to order online, please see check out their website at www.heggys.com.


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